Part 2

Permission Marketing

Permission doesn’t have to be a one way broadcast medium. You can treat different people differently and you can let your permission base choose what they want to hear and in what format. It can be in the form of emails, messages and more.

You need…

Price is a Story

Pricing isn’t just a way to get money but it is a very powerful marketing tool.

There are 2 things that you should remember about pricing, when you are about to tell people how much you are going to charge for your product.

Marketing changes your…

Part 2

Reaching the Right people

Everything has its cost. Attention comes at a cost too. There’s no such thing as free attention. It will either cost you money, time or effort.

If you are going to buy an ad, you will need to ask, “What’s it worth?” Advertising is…

Reaching the Right People

Let’s talk about 3 things here. Goals, Strategies and Tactics.

These are different from each other. Or you can say one is the sub part of other.

You have a goal for which you come up with a strategy and to implicate that strategy you use…

Treat different people differently

Most of the people out there just go with the flow.

They work with ‘This what people like us do’ and just do whatever others are doing. They don’t seek for anything new out of novelty, they adopt what others are doing.

But out of those…

Part 3

Symbols, Semiotics and Vernaculars

You are going out there, to serve people, your target audience. It’s not like they are going to know about you out of nowhere. You have to help them out here.

You have to let them know who you are and what you provide…

Part 2

Symbols, Semiotics and Vernaculars

‘Remind me of’ from an audience perspective is very important.

If you are coming up with a symbol with intent and the audience are reminded of something good, then you are on the right track.

Flashy logos mostly signify cheap stuff or scams because…

Part 1

Semiotics, Symbols, and Vernacular

We communicate through symbols. When we see a word or a brand’s name somewhere, there’s a picture that comes to our head.

That’s how brands communicate their product image in our mind. By using symbols.

Whenever you see Nike’s swoosh, the picture of a…

Aaradhya Tiwari

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