Are you Successful?

Aaradhya Tiwari
1 min readJan 19, 2021

Have you ever thought about it? What exactly is the definition of a successful person according to you?

Most of the times, we consider a person to be successful if they are earning in 6figures, are well settled and have a secure future. But this is what the society believes a successful person is.

Anybody other than this is considered a struggler or a ‘good for nothing’. People don’t honor or respect them the way they do a so-called successful person. One can clearly see the difference in treatment.

I want to ask, Why is that? Why do we treat money over a person’s character or their ambition? Why is it that an artist isn’t treated like the way a businessman is treated?

Is it not possible for people to not earn that much and still be happy and successful in their own way? We have put a constraint on this word, this or nothing!

Every person should and must have their own versions of successful. Maybe traveling the world is your successful or maybe working on your passion of music and reaching new heights is your successful. Even getting a 6 figure income at a corporate can be your definition of successful but it should be ‘yours’ and not what others have told you.

It’s your life and if you want to be successful, then the only thing that can help you achieve that is not to listen to others and Work for it!