Brands and their Logos

Aaradhya Tiwari
1 min readJan 22, 2021

Major Companies and brands have gone through major changes and we have all adopted the concept of minimalism happily. But there’s one thing that I am not really happy about i.e. Brands who have changed their logos.

Okay I get it, it’s trendy and all but why do you have to change your brand identity with such boring and monotonous pieces?

Recently google changed all of it’s logos and I swear to God I struggle to differentiate between Mail and meet!

Burger King changed it’s logo, Taco bell, Instagram and so many others. Why do they have to replace so much creativity with this colored letter stuff that doesn’t even define them properly?

It would be a nightmare if Starbucks and Wendy’s try to join this trend!

I think one should stay true to their origin. I admit a few changes are necessary and you need to keep evolving to stay in business but you can’t neglect the main source of your existence.

I say minimalism is good in your lifestyle but Brand logos are a no go!