Aaradhya Tiwari
2 min readApr 8, 2021

Part of life

Change is inevitable. It’s the push that keeps us going. We can’t deny it or turn away from it as it will slowly take over everything and you would have no option but to adopt it as well.

We as human beings are developed to be reluctant to change at first but not resistant to it. It’s similar to how a wave that comes on a sea shore. You will run from it but if you are too close it eventually engulfs you in it.

Except the neophiliacs, nobody accepts change themselves. We always need someone or something to make us realize that this new beginning or the change is important for us.

Our lives if left stagnant with no change at all, would be as good as dead. Just think of it, nothing will change, you will do the same thing again and again. It would be a never ending ounce of time and you will feel stuck in it.

This change might be good or bad for us depending on how we understand and adopt it. The consequences differ from person to person. And this change is also at a different scale for everyone.

Let’s take an example!

About 10 years ago, very few among us actually knew what’s a smartphone. It was a revolution and nobody was ready to accept it. But as time went on this change in technology spread, the early adopters started it and then we all contributed to this change. There were some who didn’t and stick to the older methods but smartphones were a pattern interrupt and as it’s usage rises, it’s importance rose as well.

Texting was a change, Internet was a change and although reluctance was seen at first, with due time each one of us accepted this to either make our lives easier or to just get on with others pace.

I think change monopolizes people. It forces them into accepting things but then not all changes work and only a few achieve this monopoly.

Change is unavoidable but rather than accepting it with full arms one should question it and understand it otherwise we would just be puppets with no sense of mind.