Chapter 13 This is Marketing

Aaradhya Tiwari
2 min readJun 20, 2021

Part 1

Semiotics, Symbols, and Vernacular

We communicate through symbols. When we see a word or a brand’s name somewhere, there’s a picture that comes to our head.

That’s how brands communicate their product image in our mind. By using symbols.

Whenever you see Nike’s swoosh, the picture of a Nike shoe or product comes in our head. This is the case with many other popular brands.

Other than the product image, they are giving out a promise through that symbol. Every logo has a meaning.

This is our product and we assure you that will be provide you with performance and comfort. This is something that Nike might say.

It’s important to understand that not everyone will understand your symbol the way you want. Your audience should be able to understand the correct and apt meaning of it, so it’s important that you identify the audience and see what symbol is applicable for whom.

Not every symbol stands out, there are only a few but the ones who do are done with intent.

I want to convey this so that’s why I have come up with a symbol like that.

In Marketing, even the smallest detail matters.

How you present yourself to the world? What message are you conveying through your symbols? Why this and not something else?

Every thing matters. But the most crucial thing is thinking of everything from the audience’s perspective.

Your idea is to serve and for that you should keep in mind that when looking at a symbol, “What does the audience understand from it? Does it remind them of something?”

Your product, your symbol and your words should all resonate with the audience and that’s only possible if you do it with intent.