Dailies: Things that I have learnt…

Aaradhya Tiwari
2 min readJan 8, 2021

These past few months, were a huge lesson for me. I have grown a lot in professional aspect of things. But it wasn’t all tulips and roses every time.

I got to know the about the reality of the so-called worthy internship we poor college students are offered. I mean I don’t see the point of this. We practically are fools in their eyes, who will work till death just for a mere certificate.

To be honest I am that fool too, maybe was, but a recent encounter changed it all. I got an offer from some startup on Linked in, a very recognized one indeed. So I gladly accepted it hoping it would look good on my CV and I would actually learn something. Well, much to my disappointment it was all a sham. It was such a good marketing move to get people on board but that internship got me thinking… What’s even the point of such opportunities when they aren’t anything but revenue generating tactics of these start-ups?

We are taught to gain experience, embellish our CV’s and get ahead of others by getting as good as internships as we can but no one ever tell us to not blindly go and take up anything. Because of Covid, the incentives or even the experience that an internship was expected to provide has just gone down hill.

So it’s important that we understand the importance of filtering out opportunities that we stumble upon, because sometimes it might not be very beneficial to us.

I have learnt that following everything blindly that comes my way won’t do me any good and in turn will just affect my mental health as well as my academics and other work.

So I have decided to take it easy and ponder over everything before reaching to a conclusion and doing it so that I don’t regret it later.