I need to try it first

Aaradhya Tiwari
1 min readJun 13, 2021

Coca- cola and it’s wonderful initiative

Recently Coca Cola released an ad campaign which was just too fun and impactful to pass by.

The campaign doesn’t come up to say that they are the best out there but gave their audience the choice, i.e., to try it first.

It’s a very simple yet beautiful message that works on so many things and people. It is depicted in such a quirky way that you are bound to love the creativity if not the drink itself. Well, first, you need to try it!

The brand is telling us to not form an opinion on their product before you actually try it. This is something that implies to such a wide spectrum.

People just go on to form their opinions on something when they haven’t even tried it even once in their life. How can you judge something or someone that others have their sentiments attached so easily?

I understand empathy and there’s no logic in forming an opinion based on word of mouth. Try it first. Then see if you like it or not. Nobody’s going to object towards it.

Disliking something doesn’t make you bigger, it’s the effort to actually try it and then form a valid opinion that makes you better than everyone.

There’s so much hatred around that little hints of understanding and kindness can go a long way, even to a brand.

So before you go ahead to dislike something, think again and try it first…