No Show Day

Aaradhya Tiwari
1 min readJan 11, 2021

We expect a lot from us. We think we are capable of doing something extra-ordinary every day, but we have got to convince ourselves that this is not how it’s going to be. You can’t have everything going good or perfect in your life. You can’t just set very high bars for yourself and expect it to happen without any efforts.

One thing that I have learnt by now is that it’s okay to take a break sometimes or not do any thing for a day or two, sometimes that’s what you need to kickstart your work with good spirits the next day. Give yourself that freedom sometimes.

Make plans for yourself, set a schedule but don’t feel dejected if you couldn’t accomplish it. We all have a good share of bad days and good days. Nobody’s going to reprimand you over that one day that you took for yourself and mental well being. Cherish yourself more because nobody is going to do that for you.

You are doing great and you will get there at your own pace in due time. You got this!