Aaradhya Tiwari
2 min readJan 14, 2021


So if you are not living under a rock then you have an idea what this is about!

WhatsApp just made some amendments in its privacy policy and well now it’s not at all private. Now WhatsApp will record all our data and chats and will sell it to third-party apps and organizations. Well, I am pretty sure that Zuckerberg has been hacking our brains for long but this is the height of capitalism.

How can you straight away tell people that they are not going to have any privacy with their chats? Like can’t they just carry on without announcing it like before. Oh we all know, how we talk about something and the next thing we know it’s on our feed. The audacity!

So a new movement rose when our favorite billionaire tweeted, “Use Signal” and the whole internet went wild. What is signal? Now let me tell you that it’s actually the most private app there can be! It’s whole model is based on Privacy. Quite the opposite of WhatsApp if I must say now.

There are so many features they make it very interesting. First of all, Signal record no data of ours whatsoever.

It even has disappearing messages where you can set the time limit and voila, your message will disappear after that. No GB or anything. It leaves no trail.

You can even set the number of times any person can see some attachment of yours.

You can actually blur faces or delicate information out of a picture to hide it.

It can be locked too even when your phone is unlocked.

And there are so many more!

Now we don’t know if whatever signal claims is true or not but if Elon says it, people are going to do it.

So go ahead and join the movement!