Aaradhya Tiwari
2 min readJan 27, 2021

This word is so prevalent nowadays. Everybody is talking about it. We practically need standards for professional stuff to measure a person’s progress.

You need to set a ‘standard’ of things so that people can work up to it at a workplace. There are standards in products too. A certain thing should be made that way, it should be up to the standards then only it will be good.

There are standards in every possible market, you always have to live up to those if you want that product to be accepted by the public. Otherwise it’s either deemed cheap or not a good option.

We get that standards are necessary in industries like food, sanitation, health care etc. I mean they are important if we want to be healthy and live a good life. But do we need to put ourselves in that system too?

Why have we made these standards for ourselves? Every individual is different, that’s why we are called individuals! We have set these non-sensical standards in so many aspects of our lives and everybody is expected to be like them. I heard this line today which made me wonder how obsessed we are the idea of these so-called standards.

“If all the women in the world accept themselves the way they are, the beauty industry will face it’s doom”

This statement made me realize how the actuality of this world. Only the rich, the powerful or the beautiful are accepted as the standards. You have to look a certain way, You have to behave a certain way and You have to be a certain way to be embraced by this nasty society.

For such a long time, Indians were stuck with the idea of fair skin and although we are rising above it, it still exists to a large extent.

Everything we do in life is judged by some non-significant people and we have made these standards a part of our lives. We don’t even realize how blindly we are following them.

A doctor and an engineer are the standard but an artist or a travel blogger isn’t. People cheer for a rich businessman, but can’t accept someone who’s doing something of his own.

At the end, it all comes up to this miserable society. The things it makes us do. People start to hate themselves because of these standards and the internet is just making it all the more difficult to accept ourselves the way we are.

We have to acknowledge and embrace ourselves. We all are different and we will be. That’s the best thing about this. This is the standard we were made with and unless we accept this fact, We won’t ever be happy with our own self and these awful standards will continue to prevail.