Stories and Marketing

Aaradhya Tiwari
1 min readJan 26, 2021

When I was reading This is Marketing, there was one thing that got stuck in my mind. Here Seth Godin says, tell stories and understand the emotions.

This sounds vague right? But when I actually saw an ad I understood it’s real meaning. Have you seen Maggi’s ad or maybe California almonds or Good day biscuits? I am pretty sure you might have seen one of them. These are all very successful brands with top notch marketing. Well there’s one thing that remains constant in all of them, they all tell stories of their own which makes people relate to them in some way or the other. They stir the emotions of the consumer.

Why are Good day biscuits associated with the act of doing good? Their latest campaign was based on mother’s love. They go to such deep lengths to convey that emotion, to build a connection between the consumer and the product. Because this gives them the customer the experience, this helps in building that brand the goodwill and the connection that will help them to stay in business for years.

Their approach is market-driven. They show us our stories, they show us what we want and they stay true to the marketing beliefs, i.e. it’s about us, not the Marketer.