Aaradhya Tiwari
1 min readMar 8, 2021

The most wonderful creation.

I think the world was a wreck before a woman was created and everything makes sense when a women is involved.

We have been talking about women empowerment for so long and this isn’t something we need but we deserve. We are members of this society and we are more than what people think of us.

Every women is strong, stronger than men if I say. You can contradict me on that but deep down everyone knows that’s the truth.

We stand up for ourselves and have a say in things. Our voice and our opinion matters.

This women’s day we stood up for:

  1. Equal Pay and Equal Work
  2. Shunned the superficial Beauty Standards
  3. Turning every place into Safe space for everyone one of us
  4. Equal amount of respect
  5. And realistic fashion feasibility (we so need bigger pockets)

We will continue to fight for these things, as these are our rights, just like men. If you may call me a feminist, I would happily accept it as this is something you should be too.

I am glad I got to be around so many wonderful and beautiful woman who are supportive of everything I do.

Happy Women’s Day to All!!