Work and Aspirations

Aaradhya Tiwari
2 min readJan 20, 2021

You know sometimes when you are working hard for something. You are working your ass off. Making plans, completing hundreds of assignments, keeping a check on your diet and not procrastinating. You just don’t have the time for anything else.

You are working towards your goal, trying to achieve that uncertainty, that key to your leisurely life when you don’t have to work so hard. When you will be able to withstand these standards and norms set by our society.

“Work hard now and you won’t have to struggle later in life”

This is something we have been hearing since the beginning of time. We are reminded again and again. Don’t slack off ! You can’t stop! Even a simple pause will ruin your life. And we have blindly believed this because this is what was happening for generations. We are born and the competition of life, ‘the survival of the fittest’ begins. Even a single mistake can be the biggest hindrance to your life.

But when you are working so hard did you ever think about it, that what if what I am seeing is just one side of the coin? Why are we just told about the norms, why are we never told of exceptions?

Would no one in this whole world think of getting out of that rat race and go a different way? It can’t be that no one ever thought about it. How do we know if a future really exists? Why make plans and assumptions for something that isn’t even certain? We aren’t immortals. Then why do we look forward to the future so much? Why do we run after hope so much?

Maybe this hope and aspirations are the only thing which keeps us going otherwise we will just be like a siren wandering and wailing in the sea looking for a purpose…