Work from Home

Aaradhya Tiwari
1 min readJan 18, 2021

You think life would be pretty easy when you are working or studying at home, but the reality is far from satisfactory. The toll it takes on your mental and physical health is way more than when things were offline.

You are sitting at your desk for 5 to 6 hours straight, running after deadlines and assignments. You can’t delay it through some excuse or reason because apparently people are very free just because they are at home. Our teachers and superiors don’t understand that we can’t be available all the time. What do you expect from us? To be on our phones all day! You can’t expect us to attend a class with a notice of 1 hour. We all need a break sometimes or maybe we are busy with something. I know work ethic is a thing but you can’t just drop all your personal stuff and keep on working like a hog forever.

The irony is the people who used to tell us to stay away from the screens are now pushing us towards an abyss of screen time every day.

I understand that it’s for “our good” only, but now it’s doing way more harm to us than any kind of benefit.